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The AlpacaFinder® is a FREE consultation service designed to help you in your search for the right alpacas, products and services to meet your specific needs. All information is kept confidential and is used only for consultation purposes.


THE source for advertising alpaca products and services on the web.

Please fill out the following form (fields marked * are required) if you are genuinely interested in having our consultants work with you. 

A certified AlpacaFinder Consultant or Premier Breeder™ from your region will contact you to answer your questions. The AlpacaFinder’s purpose is to assist you in finding alpacas or alpaca services from certified Premier Breeders™ or Vendors. The AlpacaFinder is an objective information source. 

We are happy to be of assistance to you and answer your questions as you discover the majestic, mystical, and rare alpaca.

Please call 1-866-ALPACAS if you have any questions or email us at

The AlpacaFinder®







We treasure our alpacas and protect them carefully. Please provide two references if possible. One reference may be from any (dog,cat,horse,goat etc ) veterinarian. Your second reference may be a friend, professional co-worker or banker who knows you personally.



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Please check to see that your questionnaire is completed fully and correctly. We do not respond to questionnaires that are partially filled out due to the large numbers of requests that we receive. Upon receipt of this information, we will contact you for further exploration. Thank you for your inquiry into the AlpacaFinder® Service at® L.L.C. We are looking forward to working with you.

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