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Passionate Alpaca Lovers® L.L.C. provides educational resources, services, and products designed to promote the understanding and future of alpacas, alpaca ownership and lifestyle throughout the global alpaca community. Browsing throughout the® website is free so please enjoy exploring the many informative, helpful and fun areas of our site.
Highlights include:


The AlpacaFinder® Service where you receive a free consultation with an® consultant to find the alpacas that best meet your specific needs.
The Online Auction® offering some of the most outstanding alpacas in the world and the opportunity to have some fun too!
The Alpaca Shop® where you can purchase AlpacaWear®, the luxurious, natural, soft alpaca clothing, and many high-quality alpaca-related products.

The Alpaca Resources Directory is where you will find information and the location of a farm or breeder near you.

Clients who contact us include prospective alpaca owners interested in purchasing alpacas, alpaca farms seeking assistance and comradery, students, veterinarians and the general public looking for specific information, products or services involving the alpaca.

We welcome your questions, comments and passion concerning these rare and treasured animals.

The Alpaca Learning Center Directory is where you will find a wealth of information about the extraordinary alpaca. 

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