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    alpaca coats, capes, ruanas
    alpaca sweaters, cardigans, art knits, vests
    alpaca skirts
    alpaca scarves, hats, gloves, socks, slippers
    alpaca shawls
    alpaca dresses

    Alpaca coats, jackets
    alpaca sweaters, cardigans, vests
    alpaca scarves, hats, gloves, socks

    Discover the Wonders of AlpacaWear®

    Natural Warmth

    Alpaca fiber has a thermal nature as the result of the hollow core of follicle and the lack of natural oils in the alpaca's coat. Thus, AlpacaWear is lightweight, "breathes" and keeps you comfortably warm.

    Natural Softness

    People often describe alpaca clothing as "soft as cashmere…smooth as silk." The hypo-allergenic qualities derive from the absence of natural oils. The smooth surface of each follicle eliminates the "prickle effect" associated with more coarse fibers and contributes to the exquisite luster and luxury of alpaca fleece.

    Natural Strength

    Alpaca contains a natural resin which protects the wool from aging and getting dirty. This natural resin provides a built-in resistance to water, pilling, wrinkling, and staining.

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